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MANNOL product range


In the age of scientific and technological progress the number of cars and motorcycles on the roads is growing rapidly. Constantly improving designs of engines and transmissions demands new lubricant quality and significantly change operating conditions.


Innovative technologies used by the Sudheimer Car Technik-Vertriebs GmbH at design and development stage allow MANNOL products not only to meet the requirements of competent international organizations and automakers, but also to exceed them on a number of parameters.


The MANNOL product line, sold on five continents, includes the following commodity groups:  

  • Passenger cars motor oils of all viscosity grades that meet the latest specifications;
  • Motor oils for two-stroke and four-stroke motorcycle engines, water-motor vehicles and lawn mowers;
  • Motor oils for trucks and heavy equipment including additives package operating under high working conditions;
  • Gear oils, hydraulic fluids, standard and professional products for use in motor vehicles of European, Japanese and Korean automakers;
  • Brake fluids with a very low water absorbency;
  • Three types of coolant fluids for all types of transport vehicles;
  • Solid lubricants with additives that enhance their performance;
  • Agents and additives for oil, fuel and cooling systems, care products for interior, exterior and glass surfaces and engine compartment that ensure not only a great look of the car but also protect from corrosion and keeps the surface in perfect condition;


MANNOL lubricants, manufactured by UAB "SCT Lubricants", meet all technical and environmental standards requirements.

Our quality control department conducts strict control of all cycles of the process, ensuring the consumers not only unsurpassed performance of MANNOL lubricants but perfectly matched price and quality ratio.