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Operating and service fluids > Gear oils and hydraulic fluids

Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products:
DIN 51524-3
ISO 7308
FIAT 9.55597
IVECO 18-1823
PSA B71 2710


Special synthetic low-viscosity green fluid for centralized (combined) brake and hydraulic systems, power steering systems, hydropneumatic suspension systems and brakes in CITROЁN, PEUGEOT, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen vehicles.

Product properties:
- Can be used all year round, even in frigid environments due to very low pour point (-50 °C and below);
- Maintains stable viscosity and fluidity even at low temperatures due to a stable viscosity index;
- Compatible with all kinds of hoses and sealants;
- Maintains optimal viscosity high loads due to excellent shear stability;
- Very high thermal and antioxidant stability;
- Unique lubricating demulsifying properties;
- Actively protects against corrosion and wear.

Designed for brake and hydraulic control systems of vehicles from PSA CITROЁN and PEUGEOT, trucks from FIAT and IVECO, and special vehicles from FIAT and Fiat Kobelco where compliance with the requirements of PSA Standard B71 2710 and other aforementioned European manufacturers is required.

1L (MN8301-1) ,     20L (MN8301-20) ,     60L (MN8301-60) ,     208L (MN8301-DR)