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MANNOL Brake Fluid DOT-4

Operating and service fluids > Brake fluids

Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products:
SAE J1703/J1704
ISO 4925


Synthetic brake fluid based on polyglycols and esters, containing corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. Designed for hydraulic systems of all traditional brake devices and clutches.

Product properties:
- Contains boric acid, which completely neutralizes water condensate;
- Provides reliable operation of the brake system at any ambient temperature due to the increased boiling point (>245 °C) and excellent low-temperature properties (up to -40 °C);
- Has the highest chemical and thermal stability;
- Offers excellent lubricity and viscosity-temperature properties;
- Neutralizes the formation of vapour bubbles;
- Compatible with elastomers;
- Entirely inactive for the parts of the brake system.

Aggressive to paintwork.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions in the instruction manual!

Color: colorless / light brown.

1L (MN3002-1ME) ,     500ml (MN3002-05ME)