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MANNOL 9934 Rearview Mirror Adhesive

Glues & repair sets for plastic parts


MANNOL Rearview Mirror Adhesive is designed for reliable attachment of rear view mirrors and metal mirror brackets to glass surfaces as well as for bonding fasteners to side windows. It is resistant to high loads, vibration, heavy changes in temperature and the influence of UV radiation. It is an indispensable and effective adhesive for planned and emergency repairs, modernisations and interior finish of vehicles, watercraft, motorcycles, sports equipment, household appliances etc. This product can be used for bonding antennas and trims to the bodywork.

Unmount the mirror from the bracket. Mark the original bracket location on the outside of the windscreen. Thoroughly clean the bonding surfaces and remove adhesive residues. Unpack the cleaner/primer/activator towelette carefully, do not touch the towelette and apply only to the glass – not to the bracket. Allow the activator to dry for 1-2 minutes. Apply only ONE big drop of the adhesive to the bracket. DO NOT spread it. Immediately position the bracket on the glass and hold it firmly for 1-2 minutes until the adhesive has cured. Wait 15 minutes before mounting the mirror to the bracket again.

2 x 0,6ml (9934)