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MANNOL 9928 Epoxidkitt Stahl + Metall

Glues & repair sets for plastic parts


Epoxidkitt is a two-component super-putty based on epoxy resin for quick repairs with a long-lasting effect. Fills holes, scratches, cracks, cavities, and dents. Easily mixed by hand and takes any shape. Designed to repair surfaces made of any metals and alloys (steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, magnesium, tin, lead, etc.) and any plastics. It can be used to eliminate leaks in the gas tank, radiator, oil pan, barrels, pipes, etc. Applicable under water. Retains its properties up to 260 °C.

- Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance;
- Hardens quickly under all conditions, even under water;
- Durable;
- After final solidification, any mechanical processing with chip removal is possible (drilling, sawing, threading, sanding, etc.), and then painting or varnishing;
- does not contain asbestos and is an electrical insulator;
- can be used for glass, ceramics, concrete, wood, etc.

Application: Thoroughly clean the surface of old paint and other coatings, dirt, fat and oil deposits. Degrease using 9691 MANNOL Brake Cleaner. Dry. For best adhesion, the surface can be roughened with sandpaper. Putty can be made at any temperature and humidity, but the optimal temperature is from +10 °С to +30 °C and humidity of 50-60%. Squeeze out of the tube and cut off the desired amount. Mash with your hands until a homogeneous warm mass is obtained. Flatten and remove excess with a spatula. Curing begins in 15 minutes. Complete hardening occurs in 1 hour. When applied under water or on an oiled surface, the compound must be pressed with a spatula until it begins to harden.

Squeeze the tube and cut out the right amount. Mash with hands until smooth warm mass. Apply to dry fat-free surfaces to be glued together, pre-stripped with sandpaper, and squeeze tightly to each other with maximum force. Curing begins after 15 minutes. Full curing occurs within 1 hour. When applied under water or oily surface press as long as hardening process begins.

56g (9928)