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MANNOL 9928 Epoxidkitt Stahl + Metall

Glues & repair sets for plastic parts


MANNOL Epoxidkitt Stahl + Metall is super filler on a two-component basis for rapid repairs. It fills holes, scratches, cracks and is easy to mix with hands taking any shape. It can be drilled, sanded, sawed, threaded and overcoated after curing. It was developed to repair all types of metal surfaces and is suitable for bonding plastics, concrete, ceramics and wooden products. It eliminates leaks in fuel tanks, radiators, oil pans, barrels, pipes etc. It is applicable under water and thermally stable up to 260 °C. This product does not contain asbestos and serves as an electrical insulator.

Squeeze the tube and cut out the right amount. Mash with hands until smooth warm mass. Apply to dry fat-free surfaces to be glued together, pre-stripped with sandpaper, and squeeze tightly to each other with maximum force. Curing begins after 15 minutes. Full curing occurs within 1 hour. When applied under water or oily surface press as long as hardening process begins.

56g (9928)