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MANNOL 9911 RTV Gasket Maker Gray Neutral



Gray silicone sealant with high temperature stability up to 230 °C.
Non-corrosive, highly adhesive, highly adhesive, oxime-based 1-K neutral cure sealant, vulcanising into silicone rubber at room temperature.
It is exceptionally resistant to mechanical influence, weather, ageing, UV light and temperatures up to 230 °C.
Particularly suitable for bonding or sealing of sensitive materials, surfaces and joints. Reliable adhesion to painted and untreated surfaces, metal, varnish, wood, aluminum, plastic and mineral substrates.
Surface drying time 30 min, curing time 24 h/mm 23 °C/50 % RH.
It creates a reliable seal that will not crack, does not shrink and shift under the influence of sudden temperature changes. It replaces O-rings, washers as well as asbestos, rubber, felt, paper, cork and metal seals. It can be effectively used for repairing the following components: valve trains, transmission oil pans, thermostat housings. It is resistant to the influence of lubricants, coolants, petrol, kerosene, water, acid solutions and alkalis. It is easy to apply and remains flexible. The working temperature of this product is from -40 °C up to +230 °C.

85g (9911)