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MANNOL 9901 2K-Acryl Fix Bond

Glues & repair sets for plastic parts


MANNOL 2K-Acryl Fix Bond is a universally applicable 2K acrylate structural adhesive for fast and impact-resistant bonding of all metals, solid plastics and ceramics. Its outstanding properties are high resistance to ageing and temperature as well as the widest insensitivity to UV radiation, acids, oils, petrol and oxidation. Particularly suitable for outdoor use. Hardens in 5 minutes. Final curing after approx. 24 hours. Temperature-resistant up to 110 °C. It is applicable when filling cracks and cavities, drilled openings, repairing damaged threads as well as in the form of filling compound during the repair of flat surfaces. Also suitable for concrete, wood and PVC. Drip free.

The surfaces must be clean and free of grease in order to achieve an optimum glue result. Squeeze the adhesive from the double syringe and thoroughly mix the two components. Apply the adhesive and press the parts together.

30g (9901)