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MANNOL 9675 Acryl Paint Chrome

Carbody care products


Acryl Paint Chrome – quick-drying matte silver paint for painting various surfaces of the car, almost any material. Created on the basis of synthetic acrylic resins. Suitable for repairing chrome parts.

- Dries quickly, which minimizes the time required for painting;
- Acrylic resins provide high performance characteristics of the applied coating. It does not age, retains its color and does not fade in the sun, can withstand temperatures within 180 °C, is inert to acids, alkalis, water, and is thermoplastic;
- Has excellent adhesive properties – forms a strong and resistant coating;
- Transmits the tone well, and to a lesser extent depends on the thickness of the layer, which cannot be said about competitive materials, where spots appear when the layer is uneven;
- Can be used for self-repair, in workshops and as a universal everyday paint in everyday life.

Paint should not be applied over another coating – it should be completely removed if possible. Also be sure to remove the rust. The surface must be sanded, cleaned and degreased before painting. It is acceptable to sand not the entire surface, but only the part of it that you plan to apply paint to, and there may be a difference in tone between the old and new coating. For degreasing, we recommend using the MANNOL Brake Cleaner 9691 degreaser. It is recommended to pre-Prime the surface to be painted. Shake the paint container for at least 2 minutes immediately before use. Spray the paint from a distance of 30 cm on the surface. To achieve the best result, you need to work at a temperature of at least +20 °C. To get a rich color, it is recommended to apply the paint in at least 3 layers. The first layer is the base, applied very thinly. Intermediate layers (layer) should be thicker. The last layer is also applied thinly. After applying each layer, give it time to dry, but no more than 30 minutes. When applied "wet", the highest degree of adhesion between the paint layers is achieved. After use, turn the jar upside down and spray the gas for a while to clear the nozzle and avoid clogging it. If necessary, apply a special transparent varnish over the paint.

First sand, refine and degrease the surface. Remove rust. Shake can for 2 minutes. Spray the paint from 30 cm on surface. It is recommended to apply more than 1 thin coating. After applying every coating, wait few minutes, but not longer than 30 minutes. After use turn can upside down and spray shortly to avoid nozzle plugging. If it is necessary set the paint by special transparent lacquer.

450ml (9675)