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MANNOL 8202 DCT Fluid

Gear oils & transmission fluids > Gear oils

Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products:
BMW 83 22 2 148 578
BMW 83 22 2 148 579
BMW 83 22 0 440 214
BMW 83 22 2 147 477
MB 236.21
MB 001 989 85 03
PORSCHE 999.917.080.00
PSA 9734.S2
VOLVO 1161838
VOLVO 1161839


A special synthetic gear oil (containing PAO) for DCT – dual clutch transmission/DSG – Direct Shift Gearbox or “robots”. It is not recommended for gearboxes with a “dry” clutch. It ensures a flawless operation of a gearbox, guarantees minimal wear, a lasting service life and fuel economy.

Product properties:
- The unique low-viscosity PAO base of the highest quality in combination with a multifunctional additive package preserves all its properties in a wide range of temperatures: it ensures good lubricating properties at low (-45 °C and less) temperatures in winter and ensures a stable oil film under extreme loads and high temperatures in summer;
- The high-technology combination of additives ensures good antifriction properties for gear couplings and superior friction properties for friction elements thus ensuring a significant fuel economy, a continuous and smooth transmission shift and the increase in the service life of all transmission elements (friction clutches, hydraulic servo drives, synchronizers, gear pairs);
- It has an increased thermal-oxidative stability and an excellent resistance to the high-temperature thermal degradation that allow increasing the time between oil changes and reducing equipment maintenance costs;
- It protects metal parts from ferrous and non-ferrous alloys from corrosion when both in and not in operation;
- It effectively resists aeration and foam formation;
- It provides an excellent compatibility with sealing materials, prevents them from swelling, hardening and shrinking thus reducing the costs for spare parts and preventing leakages;
- It reduces noise.

It is recommended for transmissions of VW/AUDI, BMW, FORD, PEUGEOT/CITROEN, VOLVO, CHRYSLER, DODGE, MITSUBISHI passenger cars and ZF gearboxes, as well as transmissions of commercial vehicles that require a special oil with indicated specifications.
Colour: yellow-brown.
Comply with the manufacturer’s instructions provided in the user’s manual!

1L (MN8202-1) ,     20L (MN8202-20) ,     60L (MN8202-60) ,     208L (MN8202-DR)