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F1005 Oil Drain Pan 7L

Oil drain pan used to collect old oil from vehicles for an easier and cleaner oil change.

Product Characteristics:

Capacity - 7 L
Colour - black
Diameter - 34 cm
Height - 10 cm
Material - polypropylene

F1004 Oil Drain Pan 15L

Oil collector for collecting waste oil of vehicles with an integrated funnel and practical large handles. Ideal for easier and cleaner oil changes.

Product Characteristics:

Characteristics Method Unit Value
Capacity L 15
Colour black
Diameter cm 46 (18'')

RT01VS-530K Ratchet Cargo Tie-Down Straps

Tie-down straps are specifically designed to hold loads in place on trucks, trailers, rail cars, ships and other freight carriers. Heavy-duty ratchet straps work effectively by ratcheting down tightly over a load providing not only stability, but security as well. Cargo ratchet straps are made of high-quality Polyester to minimize...

AH-02 Compressor Air Hose PU 10m

AH-02 Compressor Air Hose PU 10 m is a spiral compressor hose of 10 m length, designed for supplying air tools with compressed air. The hose is made of polyurethane and it is resistant to wear, tear as well as fire. The coupling is easily released and ensures a quick and comfortable connection of the compressor to air tools.

9310 Grease Gun

Grease gun for grease dosing from 400g grease cartridges. High-quality design with galvanized grease tank, ergonomically shaped handle and two 300 mm safety reinforced rubber hoses. with galvanized grease tank, ergonomically shaped handle and 2 x 300 mm safety reinforced rubber hoses.

Pull out the metal rod at the end of...

9316 Lever Type Drum Pump

Two-piece telescopic tube suitable for drums up to 208 L. Pumps water-based liquids, antifreeze and all oil-based liquids as well as other non-corrosive liquids. Pumps approximately 0.3 L of liquid in a single run. Galvanized for durability. Has soft vinyl handle. Suitable for barrel heights of 47-90 cm.

9316/1 Oil Pump

Two-piece telescopic tube suitable for drums up to 208 L. Pumps water-based liquids, antifreeze and all oil-based liquids as well as other non-corrosive liquids. Pumps approximately 0.3 L of liquid in a single run. Galvanized for durability. Has soft vinyl handle. Suitable for barrel heights of 47-90 cm.

9299 Pneumatic Pump Set

Professional stationary pneumatic oil pump for Workshops incl. compressor, tubes, tube coil

9317 Oil Extractor


- A large 9.0 L capacity
- Manual fluid extractor can be used to extract many kinds of non-explosive liquids.
- Completely using hand pump when you without shop air.
- New safety design. when the tank is full of liquid, the vacuum will be shut off automatically.
- Fast, clean and...

ADD501A Refractometer

The automotive ADD501A Refractometer is designed for accurately measuring the strength of battery fluid, screenwash and antifreeze by measuring the refractive index of light passing through the mixture. With the indication of the percentage you may know at which temperature the fluid will be frozen for both propylene glycol and...

MN1065 Fender Cover

Protective cover for fenders with magnetic closure and MANNOL logo.
Designed to protect the front fender of cars during repair and maintenance work in the engine compartment while the bonnet is open. Protects the fender of the vehicle against scratches, oil as well as dirt and increases the mechanic’s work comfort.

CT4101 Altoelsammler

Mobile unit for collection of waste oil through the oil filler hole with a help of probe, as well as in a traditional way, through the oil drain with the help of funnel. Collected oil falls into a special container and is being disposed. Intake of oil is made by compressed air pressure of 10.8 bar. Quick and easy removal of waste oil...

GS-432 Brake Fluid Exchanger

Professional device for venting brake and clutch systems with compressed air support. Massive, robust design for daily use in workshops. The compressed air and the brake fluid are separated by a membrane, so that no water can seep into the brake fluid. The working pressure can be adjusted with a pressure regulator from 0 to 2 bar by a...

DT800R-PNEU Water Tank Fluid Exchanger

The Water Tank Fluid Exchanger DT800R-PNEU pumps water and service fluids from closed systems such as the cooling circuit of vehicles. In addition to fluid exchange, the unit can also be used to clean closed systems, flushing any impurities out of the pipes to support proper operation. Detailed user instructions can be found in the...

GA322-PNEU Transmission Fluid Exchanger

The characteristics of the transmission fluid being used in an automatic gearbox deteriorate after a certain period of time. Not changing it on time causes a function change of the transmission fluid and affects the transmission characteristics in a negative way. Due to constructional issues it is not always possible to drain the...

CT4104 Transmission Fluid Exchanger Electrical


Functions - Remove, clean, and replace fluid from most types and models of automatic gearboxes, transmissions, hydraulic torque transmissions, gearbox radiators and radiation pipelines.
Power supply - 220V, 50HZ,1PH
Pump power - 250W
Oil Inlet and Return Hoses - 3-(2x) 126 (L)...

CT4105 Transmission Fluid Exchanger Electrical

Products for workshops and special tools

Automatic Transmission Fluid Oil Exchanger is designed to accomplish the replacement of transmission cooling oils as well as torque converter and transmission radiator fluids in the shortest time with an exchange rate of more than 90 %.
The machine is equipped with a LCD...

AC636H A/C Fully-automatic service station

Automatic device for filling of air conditioning systems for hybrid and electric vehicles for which the manufacturer prescribes the use of R134a.

For more information, refer to the device’s instruction manual.

Oil Leak Stop Kit

Tool for leak testing/inspection of auto oil filters. Adapter measurements: 1-12UNF; 3/4-16UNF; 11/8-16UNF; 13/16-16UNF M12x1.5; M16x1.5; M18X1.5; M30x1.5; M22x1.5

DIN61 Dispensing Tap for 20L Drum

The innovative Dispensing Taps for 20 L MANNOL containers and 1,000 L IBC containers enable easy, clean and fast dispensing of liquids without clucking. Thanks to the patented ventilation system, the Dispensing Tap offers a very high discharge capacity with a flow rate of > 10 L/min. Dispensing Taps are characterised by their...

DIN-G3/4 Dispensing Tap for 60/200L Drum

Dispensing Tap for 60 and 200 Liter containers and drums are perfectly suitable for simple, clean and quick refilling of fluids without gurgling. Dispensing Tap are leak proof even with aggressive chemical compounds and strongly creeping fluids.

9370 Pressure Sprayer steel manual

Durable chemical resistant 3L sprayer, especially suitable for professional cleaning with aggressive solvents in hard to reach areas. Seals and lines are resistant to all common cleaning agents, solvents, petrol and oils.

- 3 liter container made of robust cold-rolled stainless steel
- Metal, durable pump handle...