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9962 Polirol Schleif

MANNOL Polirol Schleif is a polish for manual and mechanical processing of dull and damaged lacquers. The abrasive components easily remove the damaged coat of varnish. This product does not leave limescale, revives colours, removes scratches and protects the lacquer during many weeks after use.

9977 Speed Wax

Speed Wax – highly effective and fast-acting polish for paintwork of car bodies and other equipment based on natural Carnauba wax to maintain them in perfect condition. Applicable to plastic and rubber parts of the car body.

- Gives the treated paint coatings a bright glossy shine and rich color...

9961 Polirol PTFE

MANNOL Polirol PTFE is a polish for manual and mechanical processing based on carnauba wax with an intensifying PTFE composite. It decreases oxidation and the dulling of surfaces, keeps a durable shine, leaves bright colours. Its waterproof properties persist for many months after use.

9960 Schleifpaste Profi Set

Schleifpaste Profi Set is a set of professional diatomite abrasive pastes for manual and MECHANICAL polishing of paint coatings. Pastes differ in the grain size of the abrasives. MANNOL Schleifpaste No. 1 removes deep scratches, damaged, oxidized or dull top layers of paint due to the large abrasive grains contained in it. It allows...