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Oils for motorbikes, outboard engines etc.

Engine oils for motorbikes are high-quality products with excellent effective stroke additive based on very good basis oils. This combination gives the following results - immaculate lubrication of all engine parts, strong cleaning effect, spark plugs stay clean that helps to provide the optimal power output of the engine, very high protection against wearout and corrosion, less exhaust gas.

    Garden equipment oils
7858 Agro Formula S API TC
7859 Agro HSQ API TC
4-Takt Agro SAE 30 API SL

    Motorcycle oils
4-Takt Plus API SL
7209 4-Takt Premium API SN
7804 Scooter 2-Takt API TC
7805 Scooter 2-Takt Premium API TC+
7807 Quad 4-Takt Racing API SL/CF
7809 Scooter 4-Takt API SL
7812 Motorbike 4-Takt API SN
7830 Motorbike 4-Takt HD API SN
7832 4-Takt Powerbike API SN
2-Takt Plus API TC
2-Takt Universal API TC

    Outboard motors oils
7818 Outboard 2-Takt Premium API TC
7820 Aqua Jet 4-Takt API SL
Outboard Marine API TC
Outboard Universal API TC

    Snowmobile oils
2-Takt Snowpower API TC+