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Motor oils for cars and transporters

Modern engine oils are based on several basis oils depending on their type or productivity. Additionally we use several additive packets. It was a developed unique oil program, which makes lubrication suitable for all engines.

    Low viscosity engine oils
7918 Legend Ultra 0W-20 API SP (RC)
Legend Extra 0W-30 API SN Plus
Legend+Ester 0W-40 API SN/CH-4
Energy Ultra JP 5W-20 API SN
Diesel TDI 5W-30 API SN/CH-4
Energy Combi LL 5W-30 API SN
7917 Energy Formula C4 5W-30 API SN
Energy Formula JP 5W-30 API SN Plus
Energy Premium 5W-30 API SN/CH-4
Diesel Turbo 5W-40 API CI-4/SN
Elite 5W-40 API SN/CH-4
Energy Formula PD 5W-40 API SN
Extreme 5W-40 API SN/CH-4
Stahlsynt Ultra 5W-50 API SN/CF
Racing+Ester 10W-60 API SN/CH-4
Energy 5W-30 API SN/CH-4

    Premium engine oils
7512 Special Plus 10W-30 API SN
Classic 10W-40 API SN/CH-4
Defender 10W-40 API SN
Diesel Extra 10W-40 API CH-4/SN
Gasoil Extra 10W-40 API SL/CH-4
Molibden Benzin 10W-40 API SN/CH-4
Molibden Diesel 10W-40 API CG-4/SL
Nano Technology 10W-40 API SN/CH-4
Special 10W-40 API SN/CH-4
Favorit 15W-50 API SL/CH-4

    Special engine oils
7701 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN Plus
7702 O.E.M. 10W-40 API SN/CH-4
7703 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN/CH-4
7705 O.E.M. 5W-40 API SN/CH-4
7706 O.E.M. 5W-30
7707 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN
7709 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN Plus
7711 O.E.M. 5W-40 API SN
7713 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN/CH-4
7715 LONGLIFE 504/507 API SN
7717 O.E.M. 0W-30 API SN/CH-4
7719 O.E.M. 0W-40 API SN/CF
7721 O.E.M. 0W-20 API SP (RC)
7723 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN/CH-4
7725 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN

    Standard engine oils
Diesel 15W-40 API CH-4/SN
Standard 15W-40 API SL/CF
Universal 15W-40 API SN/CH-4
Gasoil 15W-50 API SG/CD
Safari 20W-50 API SN/CH-4